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Low noise series diesel generator is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and low-noise generators and the development of new products, product line or GB/T2820-1997 national standard GB12786-91 and has mass market. Widely used in telecommunications, hotel buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises and other environmental noise demanding places, as commonly used, or backup power.
In addition to having the series GF series or GFZ series diesel generator set various functions also have the following characteristics:
A significant low-noise performance, the unit noise limits 75dB (A) (at 1m from the unit).
2, the unit overall design, compact structure, small size, clean appearance.
3, multi-layered shield impedance mismatch type acoustic enclosures.
4, efficient multi-path intake and exhaust noise, into the exhaust channel to ensure adequate power unit performance.
5, a large impedance composite muffler.
6, large capacity oil burner.
7, ad hoc quickly open the cover, easy maintenance.

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