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Mobile diesel generator power station series has a variety of structural and functional , with a hand push , three , four , automobile plants , trailer power station , mobile power station with low noise , move container plants, power engineering and other vehicles.
The system is the company's reference number of foreign mobile power station structure, designed and manufactured with good operating performance and safety .
Has the following configuration options:
1 Traction : A movable hook , 360 ° turntable , to flexible , ensuring driving safety.
2 Brake: both reliable air brake interface and hand- brake system to ensure driving safety.
(3) Support: To ensure the stability of the power supply when operating vehicles equipped with four mechanical or hydraulic support device .
4 doors : the front has louvers , rear split doors , available on both sides of a door operator access.
5 Lighting : There are ceiling proof lights inside the car , on the right there is the table , and with a work lamp, facilitate staff to operate.
6 soundproof : Power car trunk , with double doors , and all are decorated and equipped with sound-absorbing panels silencer ; exhaust pipe wrapped in cotton insulation , noise can be controlled at a minimum 75dB (A) or less .
7 trunk size : trunk size according to the specifications on the size , the operator can walk around , easy to operate and maintain.
8 External appearance : paint using polyurethane polymer paint, custom color by the owners , the exhaust pipe with exhaust gas , ensuring beautiful.
9 Fire : Truck equipped with two fire extinguishers .

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