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Product demand and challenges
1 , working conditions
Crew can work reliably under the following conditions , the output power and rated power output can work continuously for 24 hours ( including every 12 hours of work overload 10% one hour ) ;
Not more than 1000 meters above sea level ;
Ambient temperature limit is -15 C °, the upper limit is 40 C °, can choose other environmental unit.
2 , low noise
Low noise , support normal operations worldwide construction of buildings of all types and facilities .
3, the main and necessary protection devices
Starting mode selection unit for automatic startup mode . Crew should have AMF ( automatic mains failure ) function with ATS, to achieve automatic start. When the mains power failure , the starting time delay < 20 seconds ( adjustable ) , the unit automatically starts ( a total of three consecutive automatic start function ) , electricity / unit wholly negative switching time < 20 seconds , the time required to fully meet the load input less than 30 seconds after utility power is restored , the unit to maintain the operation of the cooling 0-300 seconds (adjustable ) automatically shut down.
4 , stable performance , high reliability
MTBF of units is not less than 1000 hours ;
Technical performance, unit -load voltage tuning range 95-105 % of rated voltage.

Excellent performance and stable generators, low noise design, equipped with PLC-5220 control system with AMF function through and ATS connections, ensure that the construction of buildings in the event the main power fails, the system must be able to provide alternative power supply immediately. Stability, low noise , and AMF function and ATS equipment so as to satisfy the special requirements of the construction of buildings to support the normal operation of all types of buildings around the world building and facilities.

Complete set of products, programs , and reduce product technical mastery required to make the unit more simple to use and maintenance ;
· Control system with AMF function, automatic start and automatic shutdown and alarm functions under a number of monitoring ;
· Optional ATS, a small unit can be used built-in unit ATS;
· Ultra-low noise generation , 30KVA units below the noise level of 7 meters 60dB (A) or less ;
· Stable performance, MTBF of units is not less than 1000 hours ;
· Small units , matching some of the device in cold areas and high temperatures to achieve regional operational requirements ;
· The special needs of some customers can be custom designed and developed .

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