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Product demand and challenges
1 , working conditions
Crew can work reliably under the following conditions , the output power and rated power output can work continuously for 24 hours ( including every 12 hours of work overload 10% one hour ) ;
Not more than 1000 meters above sea level ;
Ambient temperature limit is -15 C °, the upper limit is 40 C °, can choose other environmental unit.
2 , low noise
Ultra-low noise , quiet enough to ensure that doctors worry about their work environment , in particular to ensure that the operating room for surgery can be a quiet activity , but also to ensure that the patient can have a quiet environment for rest and recuperation .
3, the main and necessary protection devices
The following case of failure , the unit will automatically shut down, and sends corresponding signals : low oil pressure , high temperature , speeding, etc. Start unsuccessful ;
Starting mode selection unit for automatic startup mode . Crew should have AMF ( automatic mains failure ) function with ATS, to achieve automatic start. When the mains power failure , the starting time delay < 5 seconds ( adjustable ) , the unit automatically starts (a total of three consecutive automatic start function ) , electricity / unit wholly negative switching time < 10 seconds , the time required to fully meet the load input less than 12 seconds after utility power is restored , the unit to maintain the operation of the cooling 0-300 seconds (adjustable ) automatically shut down.
4 , stable performance , high reliability
MTBF of units is not less than 2000 hours ;
Technical performance, unit -load voltage tuning range 95-105 % of rated voltage.

Excellent performance and stable generators, low noise design, equipped with PLC-5220 control system with AMF function , ATS is connected through and to ensure that the hospital once the main power off , the system must be able to provide alternative power supply immediately. Stability, low noise , engine power in line with European emission standards , as well as features and ATS AMF makes equipment to meet the special requirements of the hospital . Via RS232 or RS485/422 communication interface equipped to achieve with a computer connection, remote monitoring, remote control, remote communication and telemetry , so automatic , unattended .

Complete set of products, programs , and reduce the technical mastery required to make the unit easier to use and easier to maintain ;
· Control system with AMF function, automatic start and automatic shutdown and alarm functions under a number of monitoring ;
· Optional ATS, a small unit can be used built-in unit ATS;
· Ultra-low noise generation , 30KVA units below the noise level of 7 meters 60dB (A) or less ;
· Stable performance, MTBF of units is not less than 2000 hours ;
· Small units , matching some of the device in cold areas and high temperatures to achieve regional operational requirements ;
· The special needs of some customers can be custom designed and developed .

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