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Railway station

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Product demand and challenges
Railway ( bureau ) using generators mainly used in machine repair and emergency measures. ATS function , AMF function , low noise, stable performance, support normal operations Station.
1 , low noise
Ultra-low noise , quiet environment with sufficient ease to ensure the railway staff scheduling, but also to ensure that passengers waiting to have a quiet environment .
2, the main and necessary protection devices
The following case of failure , the unit will automatically shut down, and sends corresponding signals : low oil pressure , high temperature , speeding, etc. Start unsuccessful ;
Starting mode selection unit for automatic startup mode . Crew should have AMF ( automatic mains failure ) function with ATS, to achieve automatic start. When the mains power failure , the starting time delay < 5 seconds ( adjustable ) , the unit automatically starts (a total of three consecutive automatic start function ) , electricity / unit wholly negative switching time < 10 seconds , the time required to fully meet the load input less than 12 seconds after utility power is restored , the unit to maintain the operation of the cooling 0-300 seconds (adjustable ) automatically shut down.
3 , stable performance , high reliability
MTBF of units is not less than 2000 hours ;
Technical performance, unit -load voltage tuning range 95-105 % of rated voltage.

General Power Station are two , one is electricity , followed with some of the diesel generators, to deal with unexpected power outages. Generator set with AMF function requirements with ATS, to ensure that the train station in the event the main power off , replace the power supply system must be able to provide immediate power , low noise and stability to meet the special requirements of the railway station . Via RS232 or RS485/422 communication interface equipped to achieve with a computer connection, remote monitoring, remote control, remote communication and telemetry , so automatic , unattended .

Complete set of products, programs , and reduce the technical mastery required to make the unit easier to use and easier to maintain ;
· Control system with AMF function, automatic start and automatic shutdown and alarm functions under a number of monitoring ;
· Optional ATS, a small unit can be used built-in unit ATS;
· Ultra-low noise generation , to meet the daily needs ;
· Stable performance, MTBF of units is not less than 2000 hours ;
· Small units , matching some of the device in cold areas and high temperatures to achieve regional operational requirements ;
· The special needs of some customers can be custom designed and developed .

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