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Power plant

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Product demand and challenges
1 , working conditions
Altitude can run 3000 meters ;
Ambient temperature limit is -15 C °, the upper limit is 40 C °, can choose other environmental unit.
2 , stable performance , high reliability
MTBF of units is not less than 2000 hours .
3 , convenient refueling facilities and water conservation measures
The unit has an external fuel system and is equipped with a lock function ;
Usually requires large fuel tank , which can meet 12-24 hours to run.

Stable performance, simple operation , easy maintenance, low noise, easy external refueling water systems and many other features to meet the special requirements of the mine.

Complete set of products, programs , and reduce the technical mastery required to make the unit easier to use and easier to maintain ;
· Control system with AMF function, automatic start and automatic shutdown and alarm functions under a number of monitoring ;
· Optional ATS, a small unit can be used built-in unit ATS;
· Ultra-low noise generation , 30KVA units below the noise level of 7 meters 60dB (A) or less ;
· Stable performance, MTBF of units is not less than 2000 hours ;
· Small units , matching some of the device in cold areas and high temperatures to achieve regional operational requirements ;
· The special needs of some customers can be custom designed and developed .

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