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Expectations Generator Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yangzhou committed to providing our customers with comprehensive, reliable after sales service:

Warranty time: one year or 1000 hours (whichever comes first, according to the unit uses adjustable)
Pre-sales services: the user has the intention to buy time, the expectations of pre-service company can provide the following contents:

Service Name Provide product data generators Users generators drawing room of the site investigation Survey design generators and distribution system
Services Basic data on generators
Generator set configuration instructions
Diesel Technical Data Description
Generator Technical Data Description
Control system basic functions
Environmental site investigations unit location
Measurement of specific size unit
Investigations into the mapping unit, exhaust, exhaust outlet location
The placement of the fuel tank
Drawing room to install a floor plan
Civil construction diagram drawing room installation (optional)
User desired value of the maximum load generator
Other surveys required users turbines
Cable toward, model and length of the survey
Service commitment:
Users from the date of purchase, will enjoy the expectations of the company offers a range of after-sales service center.
Service Name Commissioning Unit
Services According to user needs the product to the user-specified site for installation;
After installation and commissioning work to be the unit normal operation of the unit;
Delivered to users, user training has a certain mechanical, electrical knowledge base operator 1-2, to grasp so far;
Information available to users outside of the simple random manual "unit operating instructions."
Service Name Maintenance services unit
Services After delivery of the unit provided by the Jiangsu generators Yuchai warranty: one year or 1000 hours (whichever occurs first) of free service, as a result of factory assembled negligence, improper design and materials generated by corruption issues part I replication repair.
Warranty does not include normal wear and tear parts, human error and ignore the problems arising from maintenance according to specifications. Inspection services to provide users with the unit (every three months) to ensure that customers can use the unit to normal. If the unit needs repair, we will send a technician to repair the site.
After the warranty expires, the expectations of the company to provide long-term paid service, a fee in accordance with relevant state regulations. My company can provide the necessary spare parts and consumables crew promptly.

Respect for customers, understanding customers, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services, so customers are always partners.

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